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Baby Learning Educational Toy Smart Egg Toy Games Shape Matching Sorters Toys Montessori Eggs Toys For Kids Children

Baby Learning Educational Toy Smart Egg Toy Games Shape Matching Sorters Toys Montessori Eggs Toys For Kids Children

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Introducing our educational Sorting and Matching Egg Toy, designed to engage young minds and promote skill-building learning. With 12 eggs in different shapes, this toy offers a fun and interactive way for children to develop important skills while having fun.

Features and Specifications:
- Sort & Match by Color or Shape: Each egg is the perfect size for little hands to grasp, allowing children to sort and match them by color or shape, enhancing their cognitive and motor skills.
- Skill-Building Learning: The variety of shapes and colors on the eggs help children develop crucial skills such as intelligence, finger dexterity, fine motor skills, and color and shape recognition, fostering early childhood development.
- Super Safe: Made from premium BPA-free non-toxic plastic materials, these eggs are safe for children to play with, ensuring no harm to their skin or health.
- Durable Storage Case: The set comes with a durable storage case made of child-safe ABS plastic, making clean-up easy and convenient while ensuring the toys are protected when not in use.

- Material: Premium BPA-free non-toxic plastic
- Dimensions: 30*10*7 cm
- Packaging: Boxed/paper card
- Color: Green
- Styles: Shape matching egg, vegetable and fruit paired eggs, matching eggs, digit matching eggs, digital addition and subtraction matching eggs
- Applicable Age: Children (3-6 years old)
- Gross/Net Weight: 21/19 kg
- Carton Size: 60x43.5x41.5 cm
- Body/Volume: 0.108/3.826
- Packing Size: 30x10x7 cm

- Educational Value: Encourages cognitive development and problem-solving skills through sorting and matching activities.
- Safe and Durable: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring the safety of children during playtime and longevity of the toy.
- Versatile Learning: Offers multiple styles of eggs to match different learning needs and preferences, catering to a variety of skill levels and interests.
- Convenient Storage: Comes with a durable storage case, making it easy to keep the toys organized and protected when not in use.

Usage and Application:
Our Sorting and Matching Egg Toy is perfect for young children aged 3-6 years old to engage in fun and educational play. Use it at home, in classrooms, or daycare centers to promote learning and development in a playful manner. Children can enjoy hours of entertainment while enhancing their cognitive abilities and fine motor skills, making this toy an essential addition to any early childhood learning environment.

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