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Electric Cat Toy Automatic Gravity Duck Flushing

Electric Cat Toy Automatic Gravity Duck Flushing

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Elevate playtime for your feline companion with our Interactive Toy, designed to engage their natural instincts and provide endless entertainment.

Features and Specifications:

  • Simulation Vibration: Mimics realistic movements to captivate your cat's attention and stimulate their hunting instincts.
  • Sound Effects: Enhances the interactive experience with engaging sounds that keep your cat entertained.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from soft cloth and polyester fiber for durability and comfort during play.
  • Convenient Charging: Equipped with a polymer lithium battery and Type-C charging for hassle-free power supply.
  • Battery Capacity: Boasts a 300mAh battery for long-lasting play sessions.
  • Complete Set: Includes the toy, USB charging cable, and catnip for instant playtime enjoyment.
  • Compact Size: With dimensions of 150x120x80mm, it fits well in any space.


  • Entertainment: Keep your cat entertained for hours, promoting mental and physical stimulation.
  • Durability: Premium materials ensure longevity, withstanding your cat's playful antics.
  • Convenience: Easy charging and complete set of accessories for immediate playtime fun.
  • Comfort: Soft cloth construction and polyester fiber offer a cozy and inviting play experience.

Usage and Application:

Simply charge the toy using the provided Type-C charging cable, and it's ready for use. Turn on the simulation vibration and sound effects to activate your cat's natural instincts and watch them engage with the toy. Use indoors to provide entertainment and exercise for your cat.

Treat your furry friend to hours of interactive play with our Interactive Toy. Order now and enjoy watching your cat pounce, chase, and play to their heart's content!

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