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Smart Counting Grip 10-100KG Grip Free Adjustment

Smart Counting Grip 10-100KG Grip Free Adjustment

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Achieve professional-level hand strength and flexibility with our Smart Counting Grip, the ultimate fitness tool for enhancing arm muscle training. This innovative device combines rehabilitation assistance with adjustable resistance, providing a comprehensive solution for improving hand and forearm strength.

Rehabilitation Assistance

Designed as a rehabilitation device, the Smart Counting Grip aids in the recovery of hand muscles and soft tissue contours. By relieving fatigue, promoting blood circulation, and maintaining joint health, this gripper prevents inflammation and supports optimal hand function.

Adjustable Resistance

Experience customizable resistance levels ranging from 10kg to 100kg with our Adjustable Resistance Forearm Grip. Enhance finger, wrist, and forearm flexibility by easily adjusting tension to suit your training needs. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to progress with this versatile fitness equipment.

  • Resistance adjustable from 10kg to 100kg for personalized training intensity
  • Improves finger, wrist, and forearm flexibility effectively
  • Suitable for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes

Smart Counting Technology

Our upgraded Smart Counting Grip features a digital counter with four digits, eliminating the hassle of manual resetting. With a single key reset function, tracking your progress has never been easier. Stay motivated and informed as you monitor your training sessions with precision.

Premium Construction

Crafted with reinforced PP and rubber-coated TPR spring, our Smart Counting Grip ensures durability and longevity. Experience superior performance and comfort during every workout session, whether you're at home or on the go.


  • Grip size: 17x12.6x2.6 cm
  • Weight: 200g (per grip)
  • Package size: 17.5x13.2x3cm
  • Package weight: 235g (neutral paper box)
  • Available colors: black, matcha green, Makalan
  • Grip strength: 10kg to 100kg

Packing List

Each package includes:

  • Smart Counting Grip (1 piece)

Take Your Hand Strength to New Heights!

Elevate your hand strength training with our Smart Counting Grip and unlock your full potential. Whether you're rehabilitating hand muscles or striving for peak performance, this professional-grade equipment is your key to success. Invest in your hand health and fitness today and experience the difference firsthand.

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